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 Financial Discovery 

It is often said that cases are won and lost in discovery. At Accounting & Valuation LLC, we give attorneys and clients peace of mind knowing that they have a financial expert to review documents as they come in, advise on issues, and determine what documentation remains outstanding. 

  • Document requests – requesting specific required documentation and identification of issues in documents produced is often a key role of our team in the litigation process. 


  • Financial disclosures – the disclosure of all income, expenses, assets, and liabilities is of paramount importance in family law cases. We help family lawyers and their clients review, obtain, and disclose the necessary financial information that will withstand scrutiny by the opposing side and the Court. 

    • Some of the disclosures we prepare for clients include:

      • Florida Financial Affidavit

        • Florida Mandatory Disclosure

      • New York Statement of Net Worth

      • New Jersey Case Information Statement

      • Connecticut Financial Affidavit

  • Document management and review 

  • Deposition preparation and attendance

  • Site visit, due diligence and interviews

  • Affidavits, interrogatories, and expert testimony 

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