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Forensic Accounting & Business Valuation Experts

About Us

At the crossroads of forensic accounting and business valuation, our firm is committed to delivering credible solutions for our clients' most crucial forensic accounting and business valuation matters.

Whether navigating divorce proceedings, trust/estate matters, or planning for the future generation, our expertise in forensic accounting and business valuation consistently leads to effective dispute resolution. Our analyses withstand scrutiny from courts, opposing counsel, experts, boards of directors, fiduciaries, and government agencies.

At Soman Stewart, we recognize the weight of your challenges and excel in bringing clarity to high-stakes financial issues.

Why Choose Us

Forensic & Valuation is our only business - Forensic accounting and business valuation are not just services, they're our exclusive focus. As a specialized firm dedicated solely to meeting the unique needs of attorneys and their clients in divorce, trust and estates, and beyond, we bring a depth of expertise that sets us apart. 

We ask the right questions - In pursuit of these answers, our team has achieved results for clients by detecting undisclosed assets, undisclosed sources of income as well as exposing other schemes perpetrated by litigants. 

We sweat the small stuff – We are meticulous because the smallest of details can have a major impact on a case. Attorneys and their clients rely on us to navigate the intricacies with precision and thoroughness, while staying aware of the bigger picture.  

We are transparent and communicative - We are committed to taking the time to thoroughly define the scope of the assignment, comprehend the issues at hand, and present a range of potential solutions. Our objective is to eliminate surprises. Rest assured, you'll consistently receive updates from us, ensuring a proactive approach to communication rather than the other way around.


Meet our founders Jason Soman and Jimmy Stewart, distinguished professionals with robust credentials and extensive experience in complex forensic accounting and business valuation matters. With a proven track record in navigating complex financial landscapes, they bring unparalleled insight and reliability to every case they handle.

What We Do

Forensic accounting and business valuation is all we do. Our expertise lies at the intersection of these two disciplines. We are regularly engaged in forensic accounting matters, uncovering the true levels of income and assets, as well as investigating fraud and irregularities, especially within the intricate landscape of valuation disputes. Clients and their legal representatives consistently rely on us for credible and timely analyses in the following key practice areas:


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